Our vision is simple: to lead in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services, to enable the companies we assist and the people we place to acquire the leadership they need in an ever-changing world of work. 

Our vision is based on three core values: people, knowledge and innovation.


From the opening of the first recruitment office in Milwaukee, USA, in 1948 to the foundation and expansion of our four brands in response to the Human Age, ManpowerGroup has helped define the changing world of work and HR for more than 60 years.

Facts & figures

ManpowerGroup is a world player in the domain of HR. With branches in no fewer than 82 countries, 30,000 employees and 400,000 clients, we put 348 people to work worldwide… every minute! That is how we are able to continuously provide innovative solutions for the world of work.

Financial details

ManpowerGroup is more than happy to share its financial information with you. This is not only in line with our values but in the interests of assisting potential investors to make informed and intelligent decisions.