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Looking for a job? Are you into gaming? Manpower can help you translate your gaming experience into skills employers are looking for.

Gaming enhances many skills that are transferable
in the working world.

Let us show you how, game on.

Step 1: Take free skills translator quiz

First, we need to know a little bit about you. Tell us about your gaming experience and we'll show you how that transfers to IRL work skills and potential job category matches.

Step 2: Add your gaming skills experience

Create a profile on Manpower.be and include your gaming skills experience when you enter/import your CV or Resume.

Step 3: Apply for jobs

Search Manpower's website for roles that are a good match. Keep checking - we post new jobs every week.

Your gaming experience may be relevant IRL.

We worked with our assessment partner to match top gaming skills from over 11,000 games across genres to the top soft skills employers need. 


If you play Strategy Games like:
League of Legends, Dota 2, Dash Royale or Smile

You may be building skills like:



The ability to analyze and interpret information to solve a problem.


Social Perceptiveness

Awareness of understanding the reaction of others.



Communicating well with others and managing your time effectively.

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About the initiative

ManpowerGroup connects more than 3 million people a year to meaningful work. We've helped people translate skills across industries and and career stages from oil industry to construction, military to civilian jobs, and professional athletes and stay-at-home parents to corporate settings.

Esports is one of the fastest growing activities worldwide with around 2.5 billion gamers, almost half of them female. We see this pool of diverse talent as a deep source of skills we can tap to help tackle the 13-year talent shortage.

With our expert partners, we're helping Employers to understand transferable skills from gaming.

Read more about how gaming experience develops skills transferable to the workplace. Download ManpowerGroup's GameToWork Whitepaper.

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