More than one in two Belgian employers considers gaming skills during the hiring process

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17 July 2023
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28 August 2023

According to a ManpowerGroup survey(1), gamers and e-sports players would do well to include their gaming experience in their CV. In fact, 53% of the 510 employers surveyed by the human resources specialist stated that they take into account the skills acquired through video games during the recruitment process.

Numerous studies have indeed highlighted the soft skills developed through the practice of these games, including:

  •  Collaboration and teamwork: Modern gaming has evolved from an individual experience to a social experience. Today, gamers are often required to collaborate with other players to achieve a common goal. At a time when remote work has gained importance, gamers can also demonstrate their ability to work as a team remotely.
  • Analysis and problem-solving: The many strategy games allow gamers to exercise critical thinking by analyzing situations in order to make the best decisions. This skill ranked fourth in Belgium in the latest edition of the ManpowerGroup survey on talent shortages.
  • Time and priority management: During their gaming experience, gamers will have learned the challenges of multitasking and their ability to manage their time and priorities.
  • Communication & Leadership: Placed in various situations, gamers must be capable of adopting different communication styles and having an impact on their fellow players. During a job interview, they can highlight their emotional intelligence and leadership.
  • Creativity & visual perception: By evolving in virtual environments, gamers have the opportunity to stimulate their creativity and their ability to visualize objects and information in space, skills that are useful in the digital age.


As digital natives – those born between the 1980s and 2000s who grew up in a digital environment – and Generation Z, born after 2000, occupy an increasingly significant share of the workforce, employers must take into account the new paths they have taken to develop their skills and personality, explains Sébastien Delfosse, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup BeLux. “By showing interest in candidates’ gaming experiences, recruiters can better understand their qualities by entering their world. Our survey shows that more than half of employers have already realized that it is worth asking this type of question during the recruitment process.”