ManpowerGroup : ‘The future of work is huManpower’

45% of Belgian employers expect to create new jobs in the fourth quarter (ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey)
12 September 2023
Talent shortages keep Belgian hiring intentions high for Q1 2024
12 December 2023

There has never been a more interesting time to focus on the future of work and the future for workers. After three years of pandemic-induced chaos, workers around the world have raised their voices, as they kept our economy going while balancing the challenges of work, personal and family life.

Employers, too, learned many things about the opportunities and consequences of rapid digital transformation – the importance of equipping workers with the skills they need to leverage new ways of working as well as meeting them where they want & need to be. As we have seen repeatedly, technology augments human skills, it does not replace them.

Talent is now in high demand, especially for Gen Z. When it comes to choosing a job, Gen Z is influenced in their choice by career opportunities, the availability of welfare and psychological well-being programs, and the certainty of working for an organization with a positive impact on the world.

To meet the new challenges of the work of work and attract talents for our clients, Manpower has launched a new campaign, huManpower. It is our goal to highlight the one asset that will take business to the next level —people. Our Talent Agents and Recruiters are ready to find you the talent that will drive your business forward.

In our new report, ‘The future of work is huManpower’ you can find our latest insights.

More info about our campaign : click here